I do much more than just take photographs!

  • Photo Editing Services

    Have a photo that isn’t quite as polished as you’d prefer?  Need a series of photos retouched for consistency in an advertising campaign? I’ve got you covered!

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  • Second Shooter

    Are you a wedding photographer looking for a shooter to take guest captures, groom prep or other candids while you’re busy getting THE shot? I’ll be the Bonnie to your Clyde, the Mary-Kate to your Ashley. Let’s do this!

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  • Photography Assistant

    Are you a professional photographer who needs an extra set of hands while on a shoot?  Do you need someone to help you set up your gear, hold a reflector or powder your client’s nose? I could be your girl!

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  • Public Speaking

    Whether you’re looking for a presenter for a student group, a corporate group, or a common-interest group – I am able to present on a broad range of topics.

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  • Travel Blogging

    I’ve been creating compelling content and publishing my writing and photos on my award-winning travel blog since 2010.   For the last 7 years, I’ve strived to document and share my adventures and travels around the world!

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